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3Ten Churrobar- your inner child's dreams come true

Updated: Jan 18

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to share my second post with you, and today it's going to be all about desserts! Or one dessert, to be specific. And this dessert is what a kid's dreams are made of: ice cream, churros, chocolate, marshmellows, and whipped cream! (though to be completely honest I didn't know what a churro was until like, college) Presenting 3Ten Churrobar and their wonderful creations below! Check out my video to see how this dessert is made:

3Ten Churrobar is a cute dessert shop situated in the Mira Mesa area, serving up fun ice cream/churro combos along with drinks and most recently, a 'street snacks' menu that includes elote and dorilocos ('uhhh what is that?' is what a lot of you may be wondering) For desserts, we got the 'Campfire' (up above) and 'Unicorn Oops' (down below) and I'm going to be honest with you, we devoured both and immediately regretted it as we fell into sugar comas. Oops! As you can guess, the Campfire is a play on smores and even comes with a roasted marshmellow that you can watch them toast. We greatly enjoyed the flavors of this one. The Unicorn Oops should be renamed Unicorn Poop or something of the like as it was if a unicorn barfed all over some cotton candy ice cream (but in a good way!!). Here is the description for this one, with the picture below: Blue & Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream, Purple Marshmallow Drizzle, Unicorn Bark, Pink Waffle Cone, Edible Fairy Dust + Churro: Vanilla and Unicorn Sprinkle.

While this is most definitely the most instagrammable dessert, BOY OH BOY was it sugar upon sugar upon sugar, with no variance in flavors (no salty or sour). This is the perfect dessert for children or teens since it's so colorful and sweet (or for adults with giant sweet tooths, I'm not here to judge ;) ). We also sampled the street eats menu and got the elote and dorilocos, pictured below:

These two items are Mexican street snack inspired: an elote is a grilled corn often covered in things such as tajin, hot cheetos, garlic, cheese, etc, while Dorilocos is exactly what it sounds like- DORITOS COVERED IN CRAZY STUFF such as jícama, lime juice, Valentina hot sauce, chamoy, Tajín chili powder, salt, and "Japanese peanuts" (I pulled this straight off of Google btw). Now I'm going to be honest with you, these items were not my cup of tea. And this is not because they weren't good- I simply am not a corn fan or a doritos fan. I've only recently started enjoying the wonderful flavors of tajin (chili lime seasoning) and chamoy (fruit, lime and chili) that is commonly used in Mexican cuisine as well. If you are a newbie like me and would like to experience these flavors, simply look around for some Mexican dessert/fruit shops and you shall be blessed with their bounty.

All in all, 3Ten churro bar is a great stop if you or your family have major sugar cravings and want to enjoy the beautiful pairing of churros and ice cream (having a hot crunchy churro and a cold soft ice cream is indeed a universally delightful experience). The street snacks menu is also incredibly fun to try and a great way to experience the joys of tajin and chamoy. Hope you enjoyed this review! Leave a comment down below if you did :)

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