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Best Pizza in San Diego Part 1

Today’s list is going to be about best pizzas in San Diego! I wanted to include a variety of different pizza places (so not all deep dish or New York for example) to really show the diversity of pizza you can get in San Diego.

1. Square Pizza Co

Square Pizza Co is a cute mom and pop shop in Pacific Beach that has been around for quite a long time! They top the list simply because they serve the BEST Detroit style pizzas. I might be a little biased because this is my favorite style of pizza, but I promise you they’re a local favorite. Detroit style is a rectangular pizza with a crust that is thick and airy, and with caramelized cheese lining the edges. It’s typically loaded with tomato sauce. What’s not to like? Especially with crispy, crunchy golden cheese melted into the crust……Square Pizza bakes theirs using a blend of cheeses from Wisconsin, topping it with their basil marinara post bake. We typically get a few slices of pepperoni (they are INCREDIBLY filling) and we’re good to go. You can head to the beach straight afterwards! They also have a few other styles like the upside down Sicilian (cheese first and THEN sauce on top!) and thin crust as well.

2. The Shop Pizza

The Shop is another local family owned business that takes great pride in their handmade deep dish and traditional crust pizzas, made from scratch daily. They also have the most beautiful pizza restaurant I’ve set foot in. When you want pizza but also want to do date night, this is your place! They have cocktails to accompany the pizza of course, which I was pleasantly surprised by. They recommended their rose slushie. Not something I would typically order, but I've certainly been converted to a fan! Their most popular pizza, the 858, has spinach, ricotta, fresh garlic, mushrooms, red onions, crispy bacon. We really enjoyed the meat pizza with pepperoni, house-made beef meatballs, sausage, crispy bacon.

3. Sicilian Thing

Sicilian Thing is a North Park favorite! They’re a hole in the wall pizzeria right on the main street of North Park, meaning they’re the perfect stop after you’ve had one too many beers at a local bar! Though I can promise you that this is one of the best Sicilian’s around, sober or not. The Detroit style actually originated from the Sicilian, as they’re almost the same except the Sicilian doesn’t have the crust of cheese. Still the same thick airy crust however! They also have hot sandwiches, Stromboli, salads, desserts, and local craft beers, if any of those interest you. I love all of their flavors and would recommend all of them! Check out their website to see their lunch specials as well.

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